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Friday, October 8, 2010

You know you're in a developing country like Uganda when...

children the size of cornstalks hold machetes longer than their legs.
you find topless women on riverbanks, not dance poles
stocking up on bottled water actually comes in handy
bouncers open the velvet ropes for white guys instead of girls in tight skirts
fast food chains are still a few years away...
everybody wants your glass bottles
people can't afford fresh fruit but have really cool ring tones on their cell
children are holding hands not throwing punches
women and children plow fields 
people offer the last morsel of food to a stranger and do it without hesitation
drying clothes becomes an ordeal, not an afterthought
cows randomly show up in people's homes and nobody bats an eye
strangers offer to drive you somewhere even if it means rearranging their entire schedule
children take care of smaller children
there's always someone burning garbage
people smile more
people actually care what your opinion is about the world
people take the time to find out how you're doing and what you think of their country
important phone calls get cut off because people run out of credit
the other person calls the first person back and then they run out of credit
the two people talking run into each other at the mobile shop buying credit

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