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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where did he get that T-SHIRT?

Ever wonder where people get their t-shirts from? I do. Especially here.

I see jerseys of sports teams that have no fans within 6,000 miles of Kampala. Cal State San Bernadino tank tops. Duke University polos. Pittsburgh Pirate hats. Nebraska sweat pants. Mesh shorts from a high school  in Hartford, Connecticut. Band Camp t-shirts and concert t-shirts and t-shirts that are rude and lewd and if people knew what they were wearing they probably wouldn't be wearing them but there is writing in English and it fits so what the hell....

On campus today there was a guy wearing a black tee that simply read "DORK."

Another kid wore a white "A-ROD SLAPS BALLS" tee shirt a few weeks back.

One of my female students wore a shirt to class on Thursday that read: "Tomorrow morning I won't be drunk, but you'll still be ugly" across her chest. Good times.

Grammatically, these shirts aren't as entertaining as shirts pressed in the Far East, where most companies settle for western language irrespective of contextual accuracy. If it looks like English, it's good enough to print. Here, most of the shirts do come from the west and were worn by people like you and me. At some point in the past.

So random.

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  1. Came across your blog and this post made me laugh.
    Ugandans don't care about the writing on t-shirts or sweat-shirts. And if they do, they still wear them to get a reaction from people.
    Those are Ugandans for you.