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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Culture Week

I kept waiting.

And the signs kept changing.

First it was October 15 - 22. Then the 22nd thru the 29th. Then again, it was pushed back to the following week. It finally kicked off on the last Sunday in October, on the eve of Halloween, when tribes from all over Uganda seemingly invaded the hallowed and peaceful Sunday church services with the thrumming of bongos, drums, shrieks and cadenced marches. And it was well worth the wait.

The following day was even better. Each tribe competed for seven minutes on stage, showcasing their culture's traditional dance to the entire student body of Kyambogo. And me.

Here are some photos to display the pageantry and fashion of this wonderful cultural gala. In many ways, it has been my favorite day of the year on campus the past two years. I have to humbly admit I was nearly as big a spectacle as the dancers themselves. Although I am not pictured, I couldn't walk ten feet without a sea of eyes following my every move. Maybe I have been more reclusive this year, but it appeared that many of these students had never seen me before. Or I had mustard on my pants.

The Acholi men from Gulu get ready to go on stage

Langi tribe for Lira Town jump for joy

The Langi passion. They finished 3rd behind Baganda and Karamajong tribes.

Karamajong tribe lifts female off ground in grand finale


Female dancer collapses on stage due to heat exhaustion. 

Baganda dancers whirl and contort on stage. They won the competition.

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