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Friday, June 3, 2011

Romantic Short Stories written by Ugandan students

"Two Close Friends Separate"

It was a sunny bright morning when the two close friends decided to have a meal together. They had been friends for the two years they had spent at campus. They were roommates, did the same course, and shared everything. They went by the names of Promise and Splendour. They always made fun of their names telling each other how they admired their names. They decided to have a very delicious meal together so the battle was who was to prepare the meal.
"I am the one to cook this meal," said Promise.
"No I am good at cooking, let me do it," said Splendour.
"Is it because you have a nice name that you will be the one to be favoured all the time?" asked Promise.
"But yours is nice too," replied Splendour.
"Okay let us leave that. You prepare the food," said Promise.
So they all agreed that Splendour was the one to prepare the food.

As the food was about to get ready, Promise remembered that there was a coursework they had not done so sh reminded Splendour. "Splendour, Splendour," called Promise.
"Yes, please." responded Splendour.
"Do you know that we have not done our course work?" asked Promise.
"That is good of you, how have you remembered?" appreciated Splendour.
"When are we doing it?" she added.
"It is hard we cannot do it by ourselves unless we consult someone," said Promise.
"I think Dickens can do it, let me go to his place," said Promise.
"Okay but remember to come back in time because food is almost ready," warned Splendour.
"Okay I will do it please." said Promise.

Promise went to Dickens' place but when she reached there she found Dickens preparing himself for a nightclub. He was so smartly dressed in a nice attire, glittering and looking expensive. Dickens welcomed her very warmly with a kiss.
"You are welcome, dear." said Dickens.
"Thank you dear, " replied Promise.
"How did you know we have somewhere to go together?" asked Dickens.
"I didn't know but I would like you to help us on how to do the course," said Promise.
"Sorry my dear, I am not around and I am not leaving you," said Dickens.
"Oh no, Where are you going?" asked Promise.
"To Doris' Discotheque."
"What about coursework?"
"We shall do it tomorrow.
"Okay let us go," agreed Promise.

They went together in a very happy mood, smiling at each other every time. They met Dickens' friends on the way and they all moved in total happiness.

On reaching the Discotheque music was on its highest volume to the extent that it would be heard from a far distance. They could not wait entering as they started shaking their bones and waist from outside. They all became crazy and possessed with the musical instruments that were booming so loudly. The people inside were dancing with vigour, jumping up and down, sweating as if they were dancing competitions. So, Dickens and Promise joined the group dancing together at a very low pace. As time went on, they also became crazy and danced as the rest were doing. They danced holding each other in the waists, chests, and other parts of the bodies. As they were still busy dancing, two men separated them and looked at them with wrath on their faces. The two strong men with muscles swollen as if they have been doing the game of boxing for the rest of their years were tall and huge like giants.
"Who are you?" they asked the couple.
"Promise and Dickens, sirs." Dickens said.
"Are you lovers?" they asked.
"Yes, sir."
"What about you, are you dumb?" asked one of the men.
"No sir, my name is Promise," replied Promise shaking and quaking.
"Okay since you are beautiful your boy should forget you," said the man.
"No sir, leave her for me please," pleaded Dickens crying.
"I am also falling in love with her," said the man.
"Please sir, leave her for me, " pleaded Dickens crying and kneeling down.
"Unless she directs me to another lady who is beautiful like her...." said the man.
"Yes sir, I can please," responded Promise quickly.
"Who is she and where does she live?" asked the man.
"Her name is Splendour and she stays in Akamwesi Hostel," replied Promise.
"Let me hope she is beatiful as her name," said the man.
"Yes she is, sir." said Promise.

It had now become too dark and Splendour had waited for Promise in vain so she decided to sleep. A few hours passed without Promise coming back so she woke up and locked the door knowing that her friend would come back the next day.

It was in the middle of the night when she heard a knock on the door and she wondered why her friend had come back very late. Upon opening the door there were two men with plaited hair, tall and dark, very huge with their swollen muscles as if they were giants.
"You either lie down or die," they shouted at her.
"Excuse me, sirs, I am waiting for my friend please forgive me," pleaded Splendour.
"Your friend has sent us here. Can you please us?" asked the two men.
They pulled her out of the house as she screamed. One of the men closed her mouth as another one raped her. They did it in turns until she was powerless and left her lying there. She did not believe it was her closest friend who had betrayed her. She decided to separate from her friend after Promise came back the next day.


"Betrayal and Love"

It is mid morning at around 10:30 o'clock. Ceasar, a 30 year old, well built handsome man is standing on the Masaka highway. Besides him is is wife, Lauraa, a pale looking lady in her mid twenties. Laura, once a beautiful, young woman looks haggard, rough with unkempt hair, with big eyes that can scare off anyone who looks at her. She is five months pregnant wearing an old huge dress and sandals. Cesar eyes her expectantly and asks her, "My dear one, I know you feel but trust me I will come back in two months time and please..."
Laura's sniffling and leaving takes him aback and instead he brings his mid finger to her lips. He knew deep inside him that he loves his girlfriend very much and since pregnated her, he vowed never to leave her alone but to provide all the necessities for her. But since he signed a contract in kampala, he decided to go to work and earn some money for his own and the girlfriend's upkeep.
A taxi stops later and a conductor shouts out, "Is anyone going?"
After hesitations, he repeats, "Please hurry, you know we are late!"
Cesar hugs his love and jumps onto the taxi as Laura looks motionlessly and  helplessly. She blurts out, "PLease take care, you know you are my life..."

Later on, Laura moves weakly towards Buwama Village in Masaka, and on the way meets Kate, one of her friends.
"Hey you, how have you been today? Oh! I had forgotten, Cesar left for the city today! Oh, sorry, I know you will miss him but I will be there for you!"
Laura smiles, nods and bids her friend a good night and proceeds to Cesar's house where she has been for the last six months.
Cesar arrives in Kampala late in the evening. He is tired from the long hours seated and hungry too, for he did not have enough money to buy any food. He cleverly strolls through the crowded taxi park amidst pushing and pulling. He passes near an MTN booth and recalls he has to call John, his only friend in the city. He makes a short call and John instructs him to stay near the taxi park and wait for him.

Two months later Cesar has earned some money. He bids his friend farewell and once again proceeds to the taxi park to go and meet Laura. On reaching Masaka, he jumps off the taxi carries a big bag to drive to Buwama Village. They bargain the fare and after words they move off. Fifteen minutes later, he is in his home village. He stands erect, looks around the busy place and notices a slight change of development. He imagines how he is to meet his wife and wonders what to do first, either to hug her, kiss her or just look at her. He later decides to do all of them if he sees her. All this imagination abruptly ends when someone shouts his name.
"Cesar man, is that you?"
Cesar turns around only to see his neighbor Mrs. Kibada's face. "Oh, I'm back, how do you do? How is my girl? Is she fine?"
Mrs. Kubada's look startles him. She sniffles a bit and looks at him angrily.
"Something is wrong Cesar. You must go home right now and prove yourself!!"
Cesar fearfully asks her what she means but she refuses to tell him. He sweats and pants like a wet dog. He starts thinking maybe Laura is dead. But no, Mrs. Kubada's look didn't indicate that. Her please for at least the neighbor to tell him at least one clue.
She eyes him. "Cesar, your so-called girl, friend or wife is living with another man and this has happened for the last two months!"
After these utterances she swiftly moves away, leaving poor Cesar in suspense. He stupidly stands and thinks about the neighbor's words and wonders who that person is with his pregnant wife. He majestically walks towards his home with anger to whoever is there. But as he is close to his compound, fear grips him, he peeps and on finding no one, he shakenly knocks on the door. He covers his ears to listen to whatever is happening in the house. The knob opens slowly and alas! Peter, his elder brother is in a short and a white vest. Cesar looks at him angrily and asks him, "What are you doing in my house, moreover half naked, eh? Please answer me!"
Peter, a tall man with a broad shoulder, a bald patch with funny mustache laughs satirically.
"Young brother, why are you angry? Just come into the house and refresh yourself before you stress yourself for the rest of your life."
Cesar refuses and demands to know where Laura is.
Peter affectionately calls her out. "Laura my dear, someone is here to see you. Please hurry!"
Laura, in the bedroom, shouts back, "Oh my dear, I'm coming!"
Cesar cries out, "Laura, it's me Cesar, your love, please come!"
Laura joins them. She has changed greatly. She has new clothes on, nice skin, good hairdo and the belly is big enough to be noticed. She glances Cesar and asks absentmindedly, "Cesar, you are back, what brings you here? You should have stayed there."
He disbelievingly looks at her and blurts out, "Do you want to tell me that you stay with my brother?"
"As you can see, he is my husband, so please leave us alone." She moves toward Peter. "My love, I am tired. Let's go to bed and rest."

By the time Cesar is sitting down and listening to these facts it's like he is watching a movie. He calmly asks, "What about my baby? You mean you have it another father?"
Laura retorts, "For your information, this pregnancy is not yours, it is for Peter and besides we are going to get married."
At this point, cesar could not take it any longer. He skillfully jumps to his feet and boxes Laura in the belly. Peter with anger boxes his brother in the head which sparks off serious fighting. The punches and Laura's shrieking voice of 'Help! Help!' atract both near and distant neighbors who come to intervene.

With much anger, Peter beats up his younger brother on the head, face and chest. Cesar tries to wake up and fight his brother but faints. The blood flow like running water and he sees many stars and darkness. He moans and groans and fall unconscious.

The early morning sun showers Cesar's face. He cannot see well. He has lost his teeth and is bandaged the whole face. His body is aching. He slowly turns his head only to see his mother. The anger and hatred of Peter grips him. He heaves and his mother - with pity - says, "My son, forget all that has happened. You know that I am there for you so please forget them and assume you have had an accident."
Cesar agrees and tears flow down his cheeks. His mother wipes him and soothes him to sleep.

The End

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