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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mafia Island

sunset from the boat, awaiting our taxi to the island

shores of Mafia

This trip occurred over a month ago but wanted to post some pics. If you ever want an island to yourself, with plenty of marine life to last you a week, no hassle from locals, no tourist restaurants or touts, a chance to see whale sharks (between Oct. and Feb.) and great scuba diving, come to Mafia Island, Tanzania. 

It's a 15 hour bus ride from Nairobi, a 3 hour matatu ride from Dar es Salaam, a 4 hour boat ride from Nyamisati, and a fifteen minute pontoon ride from the sand shoals off the island. From there it's a 10 minute tuk tuk ride to The Whale Shark lodge, which has eight cabanas overlooking the Indian Ocean, with a friendly staff and excursions off the island. Most people go to Zanzibar. And with good reason. But this post is not about Zanzibar. It's about Mafia, the estranged younger brother of its tourist sibling to the north, who doesn't shower, doesn't wear nail polish, and never has cocktail parties. But his house is earthy, raw, and there's plenty of food in the fridge.
Spanish and Italian travlers I met on the boat from the mainland. We hung.

8 meter whale shark coming to scare the crap out of us.

Enzo and gf at dinner after our whale shark trip. From Napoli, It.

Whale Shark Lodge owner, Marco, drinking with buddies after hours.

Marco's kids awaiting our return from the whale shark adventure.

Sunset from the lodge.

Pork, rice, and beers after a long day on the Indian Ocean.

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