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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Feast of Saint Kyambogo

Rarely does an event exceed expectations. Rarely do words justify events that do. So without further ado....some photos. Finally. 

(Photos courtesy of Mercy Tumwebeze) 

Damalie and Maxwel looking dapper
Seera, Racheal, and Ivan before the food is served

Alex had such a big night...spilling wine all over, drinking Nile Special like it was going out of style. Here he's spread eagle on the lawn.

The rains pelted Kampala from one to three but let up just in time for the gala to begin. The caterers (Irene, Esther, et al....thank you, thank you!!!) were fantastic. 

Moses going thru the line
Sister Barbara Jackline (SBJ) after dinner.
Rebecca, isabella, Charlotte, and Bridget (from left to right)

Catering buddies Irene and Esther come through with a feast worthy of a holiday
Ben, Paul, Dillis, Julius and Richard going to town. Notice Ben's facial expression on far left.
On the South Lawn
"And then she put the chicken in my mouth..."

Everybody loves a good hammock (Seera, me, Thomas, Brenda, and Allen)
Receiving my Crown Crested Crane Frame from the Students.  Of course I dropped it twenty minutes later. Luckily nothing broke.
Pross reading the original poem written by Ivan (not pictured)

And the arm wrestling begins!


  1. Matt, what a great post! Thanks for sharing a piece of your journey!

  2. dude. you look like trouble in all this photos.. but especially the one with you (beer in hand?) with SBJ.